Steven Saus

I inject people with radioactivity for my day job, but only to serve the forces of good. I am an author, sociologist, educator, coder, and nuclear medicine technologist.

About Me

I have experience in qualitative and quantitative social research, education, creating written materials (both fiction and non-fiction), medical imaging (both X-ray and Nuclear Medicine), the military, web design, and some programming experience. I am also a frequent presenter and panelist at both literary and academic conventions, and have professionally formatted ebooks in both ePub and Kindle formats as well as print layout.


Over twenty years experience in medical imaging in civilian and military environments.

Over twenty publication fiction and non-fiction writing credits and awards.

Experience in multiple computer languages in medical, military, and publishing contexts.

Facilitated formal and informal instruction in one-on-one, small group, and classroom settings.

Conducted social and behavioral research in multiple settings using qualitative and quantitative methods.

As Alliteration Ink, has published over a dozen books and online magazines since 2011.