Protecting you and your job from chronic illness

I woke up half awake, incoherent, and literally screaming last night from the RLS (I am one of the 10% who get to experience it as pain, lucky me).

It was bad enough my adult kid who lives upstairs checked on me to make sure I was okay because I was making that much noise.

It’s subsided a little – a little. Just enough that I’ve half dozed for a few hours. Between that pain and the sciatica my entire right leg still feels like it is on fire and I’m barely awake and coherent now. (Don’t ask home many times I’ve had to fix mistakes I’ve made in this post because I fell asleep at the keyboard!)

Nobody wants a guy who is in pain and half asleep trying to inject them with radioactive stuff.

Luckily, I learned earlier this year that in the US (at least for now) FMLA not only covers long term illness, but can also be intermittent, so that things that flare up like this can be covered.

If you have an intermittent illness like this, where sometimes it gets bad enough that working isn’t possible, get FMLA for yourself so that you are covered and don’t get in trouble for taking care of yourself.