My experience is varied and largely self-taught, starting with modding BBSes in C in 1995 and continuing through to the work I put out today. This experience means that I usually don’t know it’s impossible to do something until after I’ve already figured out a way to do it.

Some of the projects I’m happiest with are:

  • ufw-iptables-archer – Bash script to simplify and semi-automate UFW and iptables while allowing fine-grained control.
  • – Featured on One Thing Well – CLI interface to MPD with autocompletion for playlist, album, artist, or genre.
  • ddwrt-who-is-connected – A script to output who all is actively connected to your DD-WRT router. It is designed to get current active connections as well as static DHCP leases and return what devices are connected.
  • networkcontrol-wicd-networkmanager – A program to automagically call (and shut down) network utilities like Dropbox and traffic shaping programs. Written to work with both WICD and Network-Manager on Linux
  • Global Dark Style: Wombat Style – A Stylish style to convert the web to dark, smooth colors.